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Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities:
We have two guiding principles:
1. We will deliver quality products for a profit.
2. We are willing to share.
We want YOU to sell our LifeGlobe program to the millions of waiting customers throughout the world. The opportunities here are endless, not only to make you money, but to bring a smile to every customer who installs this beautiful LifeGlobe Aquarium on hir or her computer.
Distribution Opportunities:
If you are a distributor who is interested in licensing or partnering for distribution of the LifeGlobe products, there are a number of available markets. The rights for online and/or physical sales are available in these and some additional areas: Australia, Germany, France, England, Canada, Mexico and Spain. Our distributor in Japan has exceeded our expectations in just 6 months.
We are also seeking a distributor for the United States, to assist our expansion to the major retail chains.
For all you retailers we have another opportunity. We ship direct to retailers throughout North America. Computer stores, software houses, fish stores, dive shops and a host of others. If you are interested in selling this product we will distribute wholesale to your retail operation, so that you can enjoy the same kind of great sales that Fry's Electronics and other current LifeGlobe retailers do. Send an email of interest to Sales@LifeGlobe.com.
Affiliate Opportunities:
So you're not a Distributor or a Reseller? If you have an online business, there is an affiliate program opportunity for you. We're looking for online partners to help get the word out to everyone. Once you are set up with us, if people come to our site from yours, and buy the product, you get a part of that sale! That easy. So what are you waiting for? Contact us at Sales@LifeGlobe.com and let's get you set up on the fast track to LifeGlobe sales.