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Goldfish Aquarium 2.0 - iPad™, iPhone™ or iPod touch™

Goldfish Aquarium 2.0 - iPad™, iPhone™

Relax and enjoy watching graceful goldfish explore your iPad™, iPhone™ or iPod touch™! These fish are not animated images like in a movie; they're completely autonomous 3D creatures who never do the same thing twice!

You'll love their natural motion and fascinating variety. To get a closer look, just do a standard "pinch" gesture to zoom in, or drag your finger to pan around the screen. (And if you don't believe the fish are 3D simulations, tap twice with two fingers, and study the fish in wireframe form -- kind of a behind-the-scenes peek at the inner workings of this app! Then tap twice with two fingers again to bring your beloved fish back.)

Sixteen different goldfish varieties are represented in the program, and you can rank them according to your tastes. When you've decided which ones are your favorites, customize the program to show them off!

There are ten different environments to choose from; everything from a huge blue aquarium all the way down to a simple goldfish bowl (well-aerated, of course!). You can automatically cycle through your favorite tanks, and adjust the lighting for each one, if you'd like.

If you're a cat owner, you may find your cat is mesmerized by the real-looking fish -- in fact, you may find you need to negotiate with your cat to determine who gets to use the iPad™ next...

(And remember: goldfish are thought to bring good luck, according to followers of the Asian practice of feng shui.)

This stunning goldfish simulation was created by an award-winning Disney animator, and has been seen on countless computer screens worldwide!

Requirements: Compatible with iPad™, iPhone™ or iPod touch™. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

To purchase Goldfish Aquarium 2.0 for the iPad™, iPhone™ or iPod touch™ with iTunes, please click the "Available on the App Store" button below.

Available on the App Store

To view Goldfish Aquarium 2.0 for the iPad™, iPhone™ or iPod touch™ at the Apple Store click here.