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How to Purchase LifeGlobe Products

We invite you do download and evaluate our products before you purchase. We encourage you to download the product of your choice, and evaluate the product completely before you purchase a keycode. Due to the hardware requirements of each product, and vast array of available computer hardware, the LifeGlobe Product line may not run optimally on your computer system. For this reason, we allow you to download a complete version of each product and run the program. If you are not happy with the performance of our software on your computer system, you should not purchase the product.

If you are happy with the appearance on the program, please buy a Keycode now. A Keycode is an encrypted password that unlocks all of the features of the product.

1. Choose the product you wish to evaluate here

2. Download and Install the product on your computer.

3. Run the product at least once so that you can see how it runs on your computer system.

Did the program run correctly?

Are you happy with the appearance?

Does the motion appear smooth, and are the colors vibrant?

4. If you are happy with the performance and appearance of the product on your computer, please purchase a Keycode here.

5. Once you have purchased the Keycode, you will receive an email from our registration team that contains your personal Keycode.

6. Register the Product. Detailed instructions are available under the "More Info" section for each product.